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Return to Lake Kegonsa

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

A few weeks ago, Lucky and I returned to the park that started it all. It was our visit to Lake Kegonsa State Park one cloudy day in July of 2016 that launched the #wistateparkdogs project and inspired my forthcoming book A Dog Owner’s Guide to Hiking Wisconsin’s State Parks. During our first visit to the park, our experience was limited to the dog “beach,” so on this return visit we explored the rest of the park – or at least the parts that are available to dogs.

Accompanied by some friends, we made quick work of the Prairie Trail. It was a typical Wisconsin summer day: muggy with a high chance of mosquitos. A dip in the lake would have been an excellent way to cool off, but the dog launch was closed because of blue green algae blooms. So, after a hot day of researching, we cooled off with beers (water for Lucky) on the lakeside, dog-friendly patio of Springers of Lake Kegonsa.

As we were eating lunch at Springers, a storm was coming in over the lake, and it heralded its approach with a STIFF breeze.

Want more information about hiking with your dog at Lake Kegonsa State Park? Order your copy of A Dog Lover's Guide to Hiking Wisconsin's State Parks now!

Storm approaching over Lake Kegonsa

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